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eMedia: eBooks and Audiobooks

Newest Materials

R.E.A.D.S. When you want the latest audiobook for your iPod or MP3 Player, R.E.A.D.S. is an excellent source to investigate. R.E.A.D.S. also has the latest in ebooks to read on your computer or handheld reading device.


Broad Collections

American Memory When you want to read, listen, or watch to learn about any aspect of American history, you will find the Library of Congress's American Memory to be a fascinating resource.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library When you want to consult a Bible, creed, commentary, catechism, liturgy, hymn, sermon, or learn about any topic relating to mysticism, theology, denominations, philosophy, ethics, or religion, the Christian Classics Ethereal Library is likely to have material to help.
Classic Authors Online When you want to read what is widely recognized to be "great" literature, Classic Authors Online is a good source to consult. If you are a student, you will find links for each author in the "Resources on the Web" section useful, too. It is right after the Works Online and Timeline boxes.
Electronic Text Center, UVA If you want classic British and American novels, children's literature, American history, Shakespeare, or African American documents, the University of Virginia's Electronic Text Center is likely to be able to help you.
Google Books When you want a book title that cannot be found anywhere else, Google offers millions of titles to search through. Out of copyright titles are readily available in full text, while newer works will offer a snippet and a link to purchase access.
The Internet Archive When you need a sound clip, image, video, concert, or just an older web page, The Internet Archive is the best place to look. The Internet Archive also has a very extensive collection of etexts that in many cases are different from those found anywhere else.
Project Gutenberg If you want a book in etext that is difficult to find, Project Gutenberg and its partners at this link offer hundreds of thousands of titles to search.


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